About Screamer:

scream • er


/ [skree-mer]


1. a person or thing that screams.
2. Informal . something or someone causing screams of excitement, laughter, or the like.
3. Printing Slang . an exclamation point.
4. Journalism . a sensational headline. (see our sensational HEAD-LINE here)
5. Life, a moment in your day worthy of a scream, an exclamation point and a sensational headline!

Origin: 1705–15; scream + -er1

At Screamer, we're inspired by those moments in life worth screaming about. Be it untouched fresh powder on a perfect sunny day or that feeling you get inside when you (finally) land your first backside 180. Riding, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, hiking, backpacking, running, playing, living…whatever your passion…we all have 'em, and we all want ‘em…those are the moments that inspire our brand. We call them SCREAMERS.

What we do is make hats – high performance, fun, functional, fashionable, durable, technical, unusual, cool, and sometimes rad…headwear is what we do best. We've got folks on the snow, folks on the go and folks in the know (expert designers and fabricators) putting their heads together to create something special for yours. We've been told we're pretty good at it, but that's for you and your head to decide. In the meantime, we wish you a day full of SCREAMERS!


Our SCREAMING History — Making 'Someday' a Day of the Week

By Jan Burkholder, President

Back in 1992, Steve (Burkholder, Screamer Hats CEO) and I had recently met and were both working square-peg-in-round-hole type jobs. Our professional careers were hardly full of days full of SCREAMERS so we made up for it in our personal lives, always seeking some fun, often accomplished through a mutual love of the outdoors; biking, hiking, skiing and more. In early 1993 we gathered a group of our 24 closest ski friends and headed for the powder of Park City, Utah in pursuit of some mid-winter Screamers.

On a whim we decided it would be fun to make the whole group matching hats as an easy way to spot each other on the slopes. Unbeknownst to us at the time, those were the first few stitches in the now long history of Screamer Hats. Looking back now, we're both so pleased and proud that the birth of Screamer Hats authentically grew out of a simple desire to have some fun with friends. The genesis of the whole company truly was Steve and I seeking some Screamer moments with our friends. This became the core mantra of our company.

Getting back to the story...a friend had suggested that I make the hats for Steve and I a bit different, to signify we were the group's ring-leaders. So be it, I did. I guess I did so just enough to be attention grabbing as one fine day we were walking past the plentiful shops in Park City heading for the gondola when some store owner actually comes running out of his shop and says, "I love your hats! Where did you get them? I want to buy some."

We proceeded to tell this man our story, and he proceeded to convince us we had stumbled upon some hats with great potential and that we should show them to the ski world at the upcoming Las Vegas Ski Industries America trade show. When he said that he touched a personal nerve for me, for at the time I had a long time job with Eddie Bauer and had annually asked to represent the company at that specific trade show but was routinely turned down because I was not a corporate buyer. Now, it was almost as if the show was coming to me.

As I said, at that moment our professional lives were nothing to scream about so Steve and I decided to pick up that snowball and run with it. The SIA show was in just two weeks.

To begin with, we needed a company name and after creating an extensive list of possibilities, literally while waiting in line for and riding ski lifts, Steve said, "How about Screamer?" Instantly, it all seemed to become clear. For us it had become about taking hold of your life, about getting out of dead-end jobs, about doing something with passion. No more 'Someday I'm gonna…' It was about making someday a day of the week, of every week, and filling those somedays full of Screamer moments.

For the next two weeks, our mad dash to bring Screamer Hats to life in time for the SIA show were some of the longest, hardest working days of our lives…and we loved every exhausting minute. That first show launched our company. Despite our makeshift booth and last minute everything, buyers came, they liked, and they bought.

It's remarkable, humbling and infinitely rewarding to know that our hats are literally now sold around the world. With each and every sale, every time someone, anyone, pulls on one of our hats, we hope that woven into the fabric is just a tiny bit of something that inspires the owner of that head to go fill their day with one or two Screamers of their own.